Quality and efficiency: the foundation of success

Aqma.it is a new line of high-quality Dietary Supplements; all our products are Made in Italy.

  • Dietary Supplements are not suitable for prolonged daily use. They are not intended as substitutes for a balanced dietary regimen, but to support the treatment of pathologies

  • The new frontier of Dietary Supplementation, that lends our Supplements the worth of drugs.

About us

We identify a need

In our company Study-Center we carry out in-depth analysis through specialized databases and focus with consumers, specialists, and experts in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

We research synergic active substances

We evaluate hundreds of clinical studies before selecting the active substances we use to create our products.

We are fans of the Made in Italy

All products by AQMA are made in Italy, according to the strictest national and international regulations.

We study the dosage

We choose carefully the concentration of the active substances, rooting our choices in the scientific evidences reported in international literature and according to the safety standards set by current regulations.

Somewhere, Something Incredible Is Waiting To Be Known
(Carl Sagan)


From the experience of professionals coming from Pharma, with the aim of promoting a new care and well-being philosophy, satisfactory and natural at the same time, thanks to innovative products designed according to the highest quality and efficiency standards